Interview de Catalina Dobrica, speakeuse à MIX-IT, développeuse en Roumanie !

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Mix-IT aura lieu les 20 et 21 avril 2017 à Lyon.

A cette occasion, Catalina Dobrica, développeuse, viendra nous expliquer son métier en Roumanie où la parité homme / femme dans ce domaine est une normalité contrairement en France.

Voici une petite interview afin de mieux la connaître avant son passage à Lyon.


Hello Catalina,

Véro : Can you tell me more about you and your background ?   

Catalina : I’m a 25-year-old coder still working on my first job out of college. I don’t have much of a background but I have a passion for my work and a drive to always get just a bit better than the day before.


Véro : What made you want to code?

Catalina : I love puzzles. Out of everything I could’ve done, finding a solution for a convoluted maze of requirements seemed like a good thing for me to do every day for the better part of my life.  Add to that a natural inclination towards Maths and logic and the decision to go into coding was a no-brainer for me. I’ve never regretted it.


Véro : What do you like about your job?

Catalina : As I said, I love puzzles. Discovering a new way to fix a problem it is one of my favourite things to do. I also get to learn something every day and, as a little girl, my life’s ambition was to live forever and learn everything there is to know in the world. This is the next best thing.


Véro : What are your passions when you are not coding?   

Catalina : I like the usual suspects: movies – can’t get enough, board games – I gathered a few dozens over the years, video games, escape rooms – who wouldn’t want to escape a room full of their friends?, and walks – is there a better way to unwind? Over the past couple of years I’ve also tried adding new hobbies – some stuck, some didn’t but fun was had. (Kiting, drawing and sewing, to list a few).


Véro : You will talk about Being a girl who codes in Roumania at Mix-IT. Could you tell us more ?   

Catalina : I never liked the “because you’re a girl” argument as a reason for anything. Not to clean up around the house, not to stop playing with the horses and definitely not to stop following my dreams. I have an elder brother. We’re both coders. Being a girl never made a difference for me and it shouldn’t for anyone.

Thank you very much Catalina,

See you at Mix-IT on Friday 20th April at 1:30 PM!

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Véronique Bonnefond, située à Lyon, est lead développeuse chez Altair, spécialisée dans le web et l'interface graphique. Son équipe est distribuée entre la France, les Etats unis et l'Inde. Elle se spécialise sur ReactJS. Elle est très attachée au travail soigné tant au niveau du code que du rendu visuel.

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