Kathryn Rotondo

Les portraits

Découvrez ici l’interview complète réalisé par Ludwine Probst dans le cadre de Devoxx France 2014.

I’m a mobile developer, focused on making playful and effective apps for children. I was formerly an Actionscript developer, but in the past few years have ported my interest and skills around interactivity over to iOS.

I’m a freelancer, so my work day can vary a lot depending on whether I’m in the middle of a client project, which are intense periods of work, or having some downtime in-between. I’m an American living in Germany, so since most of my clients are based in the US, the time difference can mean that my day is often slanted toward evening. This has advantages and disadvantages. During the normal 9-5 hours, I can get really great focused work done, because I’m alone in a quiet apartment and my clients aren’t even awake to interrupt me. At 4:30 p.m. I wrap up whatever I’m doing and pick up my child from daycare, then have dinner and family time until about 8:30 p.m. After he’s asleep, I often get back online and meet with clients over Skype. It’s not unheard of for me to have a meeting at 11pm! So the disadvantage is that I never really leave work, so I have to make a concerted effort to put technology away and really unplug and relax. One way our household does this is tech-free Sundays, where we unplug from our computers, tablets, and TV, and just spend time together.

When I became a mom, I was working in an environment where there were no other women on my team, and none of the men were dads. This meant that I had to invent most of my own solutions, such as finding an appropriate place in the office to pump milk, and being the first person on the engineering team to work part-time. It was kind of a lonely place, without any role models to show me how to make it work. So my goal with the podcast is to spread information between mothers working at different companies, so that over time we can spend less mental energy on these things, and keep our focus on making great software. I started the podcast as a Kickstarter campaign in December, and it was successfully funded. The first season includes interviews with moms at Red Hat, Medium, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and one freelance consultant.

The first episode is out, with more coming very soon, and you can listen to them at http://motherboardpodcast.com or on iTunes.

Créée en 2010, Duchess France ​est une association destinée à valoriser et promouvoir les développeuses et les femmes avec des profils techniques dans l’informatique, pour leur donner plus de visibilité, mais aussi contribuer à faire connaître ces métiers et créer des vocations. Les Duchess France sont présentes dans les conférences européennes pour représenter et partager leurs expertises. Une des missions des Duchess France est également d'inciter et d'accompagner des femmes à prendre la parole dans le cadre de ces conférences.

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