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Predict your activity using your Android, Cassandra and Spark

Lately, I started a new sport activity: running. When you run, you get really curious about the acceleration, the distance, the elevation and other metrics you can analyse when you practice this kind of sport. As a runner, I started using phone application (runkeeper) and recently I bought a Garmin Watch so I can get more information about my running sessions.
But how this kind of application analyse data and compute all this metrics?
Let’s focus on one metrics: proper acceleration.

What is proper acceleration?

Proper acceleration or physical acceleration is the acceleration it experiences relative to freefall and is …

Analyze accelerometer data with Apache Spark and MLlib

The past months I grew some interest in Apache Spark, Machine Learning and Time Series, and I thought of playing around with it.

In this post I will explain how to predict user’s physical activity (like walking, jogging, sitting…) using Spark, the Spark-Cassandra connector and MLlib.

The entire code and data sets are available on my github account.

This post is inspired from the WISDM Lab’s study and data (not cleaned) come from here.




Apache Spark started as a research project at the University of California, Berkeley in 2009 …

Hands-On Spark

Pour ce premier Hands-On Duchess de l’année vous proposons de venir découvrir Apache Spark le 10 mars dans les locaux de Blablacar lors d’une session de code en Java et/ou Scala (à vous de choisir ! les deux seront disponibles). Les inscriptions sur font sur Meetup.


Spark, c’est quoi ?

Apache Spark est un projet open source, codé en Scala et initialement créé a l’universite de Californie à Berkeley en 2009.

C’est un framework qui permet de faire de l’analytics sur de gros volumes de données en faisant ses traitements principalement en mémoire mais aussi sur disque, avec des …

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